At Brainflex Academic Studio, we create a caring learning environment where the student knows that his/her teacher is there to guide him towards academic excellence.

– Mr Law Hock Ling, Principal Consultant

Teaching Requires Inspiration

Teaching has always been Mr Law’s ambition since he was a primary one student at Heng A Khe Bong Primary School because his first teacher (Ms Ching) who walked into the classroom had inspired him tremendously. Ms Ching had all the qualities of a great teacher and his ambition to follow her footsteps stuck with him. His determination and passion to become a teacher did not waver, in spite of personal challenges that faced him.

Students have Unique Learning Needs

Having attended and taught in mainstream schools, Mr Law observed and understood the learning needs of his students. In addition, he is also trained in Gifted Education and has taught in two of the top IP schools (Raffles Institution & Hwa Chong Institution). These experiences have given him invaluable insight into the challenges faced by students from both the mainstream and IP schools and help to expand his repertoire of pedagogical skills to engage the various learners more effectively.

Touching Lives with Passion in Teaching

Passion in teaching is the most important criterion of a good teacher. A passionate teacher is able to enthuse his/her students about the subject and instill in them the interest about the subject. Often learning does not take place in classrooms because the students find their teacher ‘boring’ and unable to relate to them the relevance of the subject to their daily lives. A teacher who is burning with passion to share about his expertise about the subject to his students will never be a boring educator and Mr Law has fully utilized his expertise in amalgamating the various pedagogical skills with the subject matter to bring about an amazing classroom learning experience. Many of Mr Law’s students have testified to the effectiveness of his teaching methods and he was one of the few teachers awarded a distinction grade during his teaching practicum.

Mr Law has been nominated by his students for the ‘Caring Teachers Award’ organized by the National Institute of Education and received the award both at the national and school levels in 2006, 2008 and 2013. He has also been nominated by Raffles Institution for the President’s Award for Teachers in 2007.

Creating a Better Learning Environment

At Brainflex Academic Studio, class sizes are small because a caring learning environment permeates most effectively in small classes where the individual learning needs of the students are well taken care of. The small size and personalized classes,  together with a group of passionate and highly experienced teachers will stretch the academic potential of each and every learner.