Mr Law is a very passionate and engaging teacher. I was never a student who enjoyed science and really hated it to the core. I still remember telling Mr Law about how much I disliked science and it would be a miracle if he made me like it. After my first few lessons with Mr Law, I began to enjoy science better! Mr Law made the lessons extremely interesting. He used jokes, acronyms, acting and real life examples to illustrate science concepts. Mr Law’s love for science is super contagious. He is a very friendly teacher and I am never afraid to ask questions in class. Mr Law is always encouraging and he creates a conducive environment for learning. I would highly recommend Mr Law to anyone who needs extra couching in science. He did not only make me more receptive to science but he also made me excel in the subject. I am glad to say that Mr Law is the person that ignited my passion for learning science again.

Alicia (PLMGS, 2021)

Mr law has taught me for 4 years since I was in Sec 3 all the way to JC2 and I can safely say that he is one of the best, if not the best Biology/Chemistry teacher that I have ever come across. Backed by his undying passion for both Biology and Chemistry, he is really the most enthusiastic teacher I have ever seen throughout my educational journey.
His enthusiasm can be seen through many ways such as drawing out cell structures to explain biological concepts, using molecular kits to illustrate structures of chemical molecules and explaining various concepts through relatable and easier-to-digest analogies to allow us to better understand and grasp concepts. This enthusiastic side of him has definitely made me look forward to coming to class and in the long term, allowing my passion towards these 2 subjects to grow.
Mr Law is very much a dedicated and committed teacher who will really put in the effort to get to know every one of this students while ensuring that we understand concepts so that we will be able to ace our exams. Whenever I need help in my schoolwork at home, he would be online to answer my queries. His long teaching experiences have also allowed him to effectively find the correct teaching method that is tailored for every single student, as well as know what teachers are looking for in exam questions.
Under Mr Law’s guidance, my grades have definitely improved tremendously. In my O Levels, my Pure Chemistry jumped from B4 in my prelims to an A1. My grades for Pure Biology has jumped from B4 in my prelims to an A2. As for my A Levels, my Chemistry jumped from a D in my prelims to an A!

Julian Voo (Nanyang Junior College, 2020)

Mr Law has been a tremendous help in my 2 year journey with H2 Chemistry and eventual A grade for the A level examinations.
His passion for the subject has been inspiring and encouraged me to work harder. He is able to simplify complicated concepts for us and this helped me to achieve greater mastery over the subject. He is also able to answer any questions we throw at him and we can clarify our doubts anytime. Thank you Mr Law for your guidance!

Joelle Kang (Raffles Institution JC, 2020)

Previously, I scored E and U for my H2 Chemistry and Biology, but under Mr Law’s guidance, I’ve improved to a B grade in both subjects for my A levels!
Mr Law is an excellent tutor that gives greater clarity to the subject and helps drill concepts, reinforcing what has been taught in school. The continuous practices done in class have helped me to better remember concepts or answering techniques for commonly asked questions. In addition, he is a very approachable, caring and enthusiastic tutor, making it easy for even introverts to ask questions in class, which has helped me to clear up misconceptions or ask for guidance. Furthermore, his enthusiasm for Chemistry and Biology is infectious, and he oozes with passion for both subjects. Not only have I improved in my grades, but I now have a greater appreciation for both sciences. Thank you Mr Law!

Leeann Chan (Yishun Innova Junior College, 2019)

Hello Mr Law! You have been a really fun teacher to study under and your lessons never fail to be engaging and interesting compared to the monotonous droning of many school teachers! Your very visible passion and enthusiasm for biology, especially when explaining concepts and answers, really helps to keep them in our minds even a long time after the lessons. I'm really thankful for your guidance during this short year. You not just rescued my Bio from a constant E/S range, but also increased my interest in biology as a whole and encouraged me to read up even more :")

Keagen (Hwa Chong Institution, 2019)

Mr Law is an extremely encouraging and good teacher. My Chemistry grades have never been good since sec 1 even until early sec 4. I joined Brainflex Academic Studio in Sec 4 and could almost immediately see the improvement in my results from a C6 at the start of sec 4 to an A2 at O levels. I would not have been able to achieve such grades without Mr Law's constant guidance, encouragement and never giving up on me. Mr Law's classes are always engaging and interesting which makes learning fun and gives motivation to want to do better.

Xin Ying (Singapore Chinese Girls' School, 2019)

Mr Law has been an essential part of my chemistry education in my 2 years in JC, being able to bring across the various concepts to us in simple ways that we can all understand. His enthusiasm and energy in classes also motivates me as a student to do my best and ensures that I do not get bored even if the topics are dry in nature. He is able to answer every question we ask in lessons and his openness to group discussions also help us to improve together as a class and learn from one another. Mr Law is also one of the most understanding and patient teachers I have met and has constantly encouraged me throughout the 4 years of being his student. He has been of great help and has helped turned Chemistry from being my weakest subject to my strongest subject 🙏🏻

Tan Jia Yu (Eunoia Junior College, 2018)

I have been a student at BRAINFLEX since JC 1, and I am ever-grateful for having Mr. Law as my tutor for H2 Chemistry, for besides attaining an A for the subject at A Levels, I have been inculcated with valuable skills for life such as being analytical and meticulous. The programme there is unique and well-structured – summary lessons and practices highlight key concepts which are eventually consolidated through weekly tests and a generous array of full examination papers on top of carefully-curated challenging questions as homework.

I would like to highlight that Mr. Law is especially adept at teaching us Organic Chemistry, a major and often challenging part of the H2 Syllabus, as he is equipped with his experience as a pharmaceutical scientist. On top of that, he also conducts lessons on Practicals and Planning to sharpen our laboratory skills. Throughout this programme, there is no shortage of resources – students are equipped with handy notes, while a projector, Molecular Model Kit and even some of Mr. Law’s customised inventions will surely benefit visual learners in understanding topics like Chemical Bonding.

Overall, I am proud to call Mr. Law my mentor – he is generous with lesson materials and even food, animated and hilarious, and full of life stories and lessons on top of his profound knowledge of the subject. I strongly recommend BRAINFLEX to anyone struggling with or seeking a platform to develop their aptitude for the subject.

Matthias Enrui Thummachai (Raffles Institution, 2018)

Mr Law's amazing passion for Chemistry, as well as his highly engaging teaching methods have encouraged me to love Chemistry and to do well for the subject. Through his step-by -step explanations and creative analogies, he taught us not just how to handle examination questions but also how such knowledge can be applied to our daily life.
Under his guidance, my Chemistry grades jumped from an 'E' in JC 1 to an 'A' in the 2018 GCE A-Level examinations!
Thanks Mr Law!

Cilian (National Junior College, 2018)

Thank you Mr Law, for your hard work and concern for all your students including Matthias! With all your quizzes and practices, as well as compiling notes from different sources, you are one of the most diligent and meticulous tuition teachers i have ever met.
You have made Chemistry especially Organic Chemistry a breeze for Matthias! Your animated teaching style has made Chemistry a thorougly enjoyable journey for Matthias!

Karen (Mother of Matthias, Raffles Junior College, 2018)

Mr Law is undeniably the best teacher i have ever crossed paths with. He is enthusiastic, encouraging and most importantly, committed to whatever he does.
Burning with passion for the sciences, he is able to translate his interest into engaging and enriching lessons.
His lessons are fun, memorable and informative--everything a good lesson should encompass.
He has the ability to bring science alive by changing the paradigm and that is what compels me to discover the beauty of the sciences yet unknown to me.
Joining his classes is one of the best decisions i have ever made and i do not regret it one bit.
Thank You Mr Law, for showing me that learning can be fun too!

Natalie Khoo (CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School, 2017)

Half a year ago when I joined Brainflex, I was grasping at the surface of the concepts taught in school and these translated into my results in which I was barely passing. In merely half a year, Mr Law has managed to transform my grades dramatically. He has allowed me to have a clearer understanding of concepts I was unsure of prior, his cheerful disposition and passion towards teaching has helped me to appreciate Chemistry as a subject and how it is related to the world around us. Mr Law points out common mistakes by students which I have found helpful as one who i also prone to make the same mistakes. With Mr Law’s help I was able to attain fantastic results in the End Year Assessments. Thank you Mr Law!

Joelle Kang (Raffles Girls' School 2018)

I usually find studying chemistry and biology a dread, but thanks to Mr Law’s lessons, I’ve come to enjoy the beauty of these subjects and I enjoy learning much more than I used to.
Mr Law makes all his lessons interesting and enjoyable due to his jovial and optimistic attitude towards teaching students and learning.
He puts in a 101% towards teaching and is passionate in his work, always willing to go the extra mile for his students. If you are looking for a tutor for chemistry or biology, I would highly recommend him, I always look forward to coming for his lessons! Mr Law is the best teacher I’ve come across so far in my years of schooling !

Leeann Chan (Anderson Secondary School, 2017)

Mr law is a passionate teacher who makes learning chemistry a breeze. With his casual and friendly way of conducting the classes, learning takes place in a stress-free environment which is rather effective and makes me look forward to lessons. Being loud, enthusiastic and bubbly in class, he sparked my interest in the subject and made me keen on doing well.
Mr law's notes are extremely detailed, consisting of frequently-asked-questions, common misconceptions, as well as real life examples, making them exceptionally useful during revision. He is relentless in clarifying our doubts and only continues once everyone has understood.
His dedication spurred me to study hard for every exam. Under is guidance, i managed to obtain favourable results for most of my school examinations and most importantly for the National GCE 'O'level examinations. These would not have been possible without his help and i am ever so grateful for it!

Eldora (Anglican High School, 2017)

Mr Law is an amazing tutor who is able to engage his students in a fun yet enriching way, allowing lessons to be something i looked forward to every week.
When i first joined Brainflex in December 2015, i had a D7 for my school's Sec 3 End-of-Year Examinations. In only a few months' time, i was able to attain an A1 for both Preliminary Examinations in Sec 4 and finally achieved an A1 in the GCE 'O' Level Examinations.
I would never have been able to have such results if not for Mr Law's patience and guidance.

Ian Chen (Catholic High School, 2016)

When i first joined Brainflex along with my friends, it was a new tuition centre and i did not really know what to expect .
However ,after the first lesson of Sec 4 chemistry, I was thoroughly convinced that i had made the right choice. This was because Mr Law,our tutor at Brainflex,is enthusiastic and passionate in trying to bring out full understanding of every new concept. He made it an enjoyment to learn the subject, making us strive to ever-improve our Chemistry results and more importantly,our understanding. Most patient to answer any questions we have ,he also goes the extra mile to ensure our tuition notes are of the highest quality. By the end of the year, all of us managed to improve tremendously under Mr law's guidance,procuring good results in the O levels for chemistry. Anyone looking for a Chemistry tutor,look no further=)

Tay Yi An (Catholic High School, 2016)

I truly and genuinely believe that there are 2 kinds of teachers in this world. The first kind are those who only seek their own profits and disregards their student's potential. The 2nd Kind are those who sincerely care for their student's well-being and put in 150% effort in their lessons.
After 1 year under the guidance of Mr Law, I am 100% sure Mr Law is the latter. Mr Law lessons are enriching and detailed, while at the same time able to maintain the continuous interest of his student (AND ME) Furthermore, my Chemistry results improved from a barely pasing grade to an "A" grade in the GCE 'O'-Level Examinations. This would not be possible without Mr Law efforts to pull up my grades!!!:P

Lester (Catholic High School, 2016)

The lessons at Brainflex helped to improve and refine my answering techniques in Chemistry. The lessons also helped me with the usage of keywords in my answers which is really helpful.
Brainflex has helped my grades to jump from a C in school to an A in the 2016 GCE 'O' Level examinations!

Tan Jia Yu (Catholic High School, 2016)

The first time I attended Mr Law’s class, I instantly felt intrigued by his charisma and style of teaching. His lessons never fail to pique my interest in that particular topic. He’s not afraid to teach things out of the school syllabus to help me gain extra insight in the subject. When I first attended his Biology class, I was only managing to attain B4s but under his continual guidance and tutelage, I managed to improve and finally attain an A1 for my ‘O’ Levels Biology exam. I am truly thankful to him for always being there to clear my doubts and help me along the way. Mr Law is an extremely patient and caring teacher who goes the extra mile to ensure his students succeed.

Nicholas Chong (ACSI, 2015)

I have been attending chemistry lessons with Mr Law for a year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for being such a remarkable teacher. He is a very patient teacher who makes sure that I fully understand a topic and concept before moving on to another. Mr Law goes above and beyond your average teacher as he is always ready to help me clear any doubts or questions regarding my homework anytime I may need him and not just during lesson times. It has been a great one year with him and I am extremely grateful for all the help that he has given me. He not only imparted the knowledge for me to excel in chemistry in school but also the confidence that will last me for a lifetime.

Jerica Owng (Nanyang Girls’ High School, 2015)

Hello Mr Law, Ivan here. I have already received my Chemistry results and I scored an A1! Thank you for guiding me through during the tuition and it has helped me a lot. Thanks again!

Ivan (River Valley High School, 2015)

I am very grateful to you, Mr Law, for helping Grace in Chemistry and Biology. She scored an A1 in both Chemistry and Biology and she has really graduated with confidence!

Joy (Parent of Grace Lek, Nanyang Girls’ High School, 2015)

Mr Law's step-by-step explanations of the various Biological processes and in-depth lessons with applications to the real world really helped me to better understand and apply on what I was learning in school. He also answers students who have further clarifications after classes, really ensuring that every student has understood the topic well. Under his guidance, I not only have a better understanding of Biology, but I am able to genuinely enjoy the subject and see the world in a different view. Thank you Mr Law!

Sophia Kim (Raffles Girls’ School, 2015)

Dear Mr Law, thanks for pulling up my chemistry grades! My Chemistry used to be really bad in Secondary three and I almost dropped the subject! Thanks for your help and I obtained an A2 for my ‘O’-Levels and I am really happy! Thanks again, Mr Law!

Joanne (Bukit Batok Secondary School, 2014)

Mr Law has a captivating aura and method of teaching that makes lessons interesting. His incredible depth of knowledge and passion, added on to his charisma makes Biology literally comes alive. He was one of the few teachers who takes his job to the next level, who apart from teaching takes the effort to know his students personally. Linking textbook concepts to everyday life and the world, and explaining the subject with utmost clarity, Mr Law has changed my world view for the better. He is the epitome of what an educator should be. Thanks Mr Law.

Elmer Loh (Hwa Chong Institution, 2013)